Cat and Dog Vaccinations in Bellevue: Part of Routine Wellness Care

Cat and dog vaccinations are a critical component of animal wellness, as they help protect against viruses and diseases like Rabies, Bordetella, and feline leukemia. Vaccination schedules for pets vary by species, breed, age, and lifestyle but are typically updated on an annual basis for our patients. When you travel by air with your pet or use boarding services, current cat and dog vaccinations are often required as well. At Kraft Mobile Veterinary Services, we make it easy for owners in Snohomish and North King County to provide essential pet care. Book an appointment or call us at (425) 482-6345 to have us come to you with mobile veterinary services today.

Starting a Cat and Dog Vaccination Schedule

Since puppies and kittens are still growing, they are often the most susceptible to contagious diseases. When pets are first born, they receive needed protection and antibodies from their mother’s milk. As they start weaning, their immune system is still not strong enough to defend against contagions. If you have a new puppy or kitten, schedule a complete wellness examination, including cat and dog vaccinations, right away. Ideally, pets should be first administered a series of vaccines at approximately 6-8 weeks old. Afterward, we boost vaccines every 3-4 weeks until approximately four months of age. Depending on your pet’s risk for exposure to diseases, including travel tendencies, we may make our own adjustments to a series but only after a thorough consultation. If we prescribe a series, know that it’s for a reason and your pet is vulnerable if it’s not completed.

Cat and Dog Neuter or Spay in Bellevue, WA
Darrell Kraft DVM with his dog

Reducing Disease One Vaccine at a Time

The same as many diseases have been dramatically reduced and contained in humans through vaccines, the same goes for cat and dog vaccines. Diseases that caused the unnecessary death of millions of animals have been prevented through the widespread use of vaccines. Panleukopenia, a disease that used to be the leading cause of feline death, is now rare. Canine distemper is still prevalent in wildlife. Since canine distemper can be transmitted through the air and is highly contagious when animals are in close contact, it’s important that all dogs are vaccinated against it. If your cat goes outside, vaccination against feline leukemia is encouraged. Call us at
(425) 482-6345 for more information about the importance of cat and dog vaccines or to schedule a complete wellness examination with us today.