Cat and Dog Surgery in Bellevue

Dr. Kraft performs a number of cat and dog surgeries for his patients, including tumor removal, laceration treatment, minor fracture repairs, selected cases for cruciate repair along with spay and neuters. Many of the fracture repairs we perform are simple procedures that can be performed in one day without hospitalization. This allows your pet to return home with you the same day with a bandage or cast. Call us at (425) 482-6345 for more cat or dog surgery information. As mobile veterinary service, we’re happy to come to you with state-of-the-art equipment and personalized care. Our service areas include Snohomish and North King Counties.

What to Expect for Your Pet

Patient safety and comfort is our primary concern with any service at Kraft Mobile Veterinary Service. Before cat or dog surgery, you have the option to have preanesthetic bloodwork ran that indicates any health or anesthetic contraindications in your pet. We also administer a powerful pain releiver before and have nerve blocks in place throughout surgery so that your pet wakes completely pain-free. During surgery, all vital signs including heart rate, blood pressure, pulse, and temperature are closely monitored. Afterwards, we stay with your pet as they arouse from surgery and watch their immediate recovery before sending them home with you.

Cat and Dog Surgery in Bellevue, WA
Dr. Kraft and Kerri outside the Mobile Vet Animal Hospital

Caring for Your Pet After Cat or Dog Surgery

Though most cat and dog surgeries are outpatient and your pet is often healthy enough to go home with you the same day, doesn’t mean they don’t require extra care and attention at home. When you pick up your pet, we give detailed after-care instructions verbally and in written format. Depending on the type of surgery your pet underwent, they could need daily antibiotics and pain medication. Some of things you can keep in mind caring for your pet at home include:

  • Give your pet a quiet, comfortable place to rest for 24 hours at a minimum.
  • If your pet has incisions, check them daily and watch for any signs of infection–unusual inflammation and discharge.
  • For 10 days or until given the okay from us, do not bath your pet.
  • Use a medical collar on your pet if they chew or lick at incisions.

If you have any questions about cat and dog surgery at Kraft Mobile Veterinary Services or concerns about how your pet is recovering, please call us at (425) 482-6345. We will promptly answer any of your questions and address any concerns. We look forward to caring for your best friend.