Pet Diagnostics in Bellevue

Some pets may require more than just a standard physical wellness exam. When we need to find the most effective treatment plan for chronic or acute conditions, we may use pet diagnostic tools. Digital radiographs and laboratory equipment assist us a number of ways so that we can be 100% confident in our pet diagnostics of whatever ails your cat or dog.

Digital Radiography

Kraft Mobile Veterinary Service is equipped with a mobile direct digital radiography (DR) system. This allows us to take X-rays of your pet in a matter of seconds to examine them internally all in the comfort of home. Besides the ease of use of digital over traditional X-rays, we can also manipulate and share images digitally if necessary. We target areas of concern and may emphasize internal body structures for the most ideal┬áresolution. This is helpful for our analysis and when your pet’s condition requires a second opinion from a specialist. With our digital radiography system, we can detect things like fractures, ingestion of foreign bodies, bladder stones, organ disease, and more.

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Laboratory Capabilities

In addition to our X-ray capabilities, we can also do lab analysis through bloodwork, cultures, and urine. We recommend annual blood testing for heartworm but advanced blood analyzers measure blood chemistries and oxygen levels to detect a number of underlying conditions. Blood work allows us to diagnose diabetes, kidney, liver, and heart disease. For senior pets, we recommend full blood work to test thyroid levels and overall organ function. For skin concerns, we often sample skin scrapings to analyze cultures that precipitate bacterial or fungal infections. When we suspect liver disease, diabetes, or a bladder or kidney infection, we may test your pet’s urine. The possibilities of our mobile vet laboratory are nearly endless and we encourage you to ask any questions.

Your pet’s health and well being are our primary concern. Call us at (425) 482-6345 to schedule a comprehensive wellness examination today! If needed, we will use our advanced pet diagnostics to quickly set your companion on the road to recovery.