Cat and Dog Health Certificates in Bellevue

If you plan to travel internationally with your pet, you will need a completed and signed health certificate. Kraft Mobile Veterinary Service can certify your pet’s health status, conduct any necessary tests, and record the results prior to travel. If your pet is found to be healthy, Dr. Kraft will issue the necessary health certificate. All of our services are completely mobile and if you’re anywhere in Snohomish, Everette, Renton, Marysville or North King County, we’re happy to come to you.

Different Countries, Different Requirements

When planning to travel with your pet, keep in mind that upon entry many countries have their own requirements. So, start your research early enough with plenty of time to plan. If you would like more information about international travel with a cat or dog and health certificates, contact us at (425) 482-6345.

Cat and Dog Health Certificates in Bellevue, WA
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About Pet Exams

When Dr. Kraft looks your pet over for a health certificate or any other general pet exam, there are a number of things he checks and watches for. Much the same as when we have a physical from our doctor, your pet’s weight, temperature, and overall health status is noted. If any abnormalities arise from a full nose-to-tail examination, Dr. Kraft is sure to be alerted and additional tests will be ran if need be.

We consider the following health factors during pet exams:

  • If your pet is up-to-date on their vaccinations. In the case of a health certificate exam, we may administer vaccines your receiving country requires.
  • Whether your pet has swollen lymph nodes indicating an underlying condition.
  • We note any skin growths to watch whether they increase in size in the future. If growths appear abnormal, we may schedule a biopsy.
  • Whether your pet is at a healthy weight and has a healthy skin and coat. We may recommend a prescription diet to effectively manage weight, skin, or coat concerns.
  • If your pet is showing signs of fleas or other parasites. We advise dogs and cats to stay on a year-round flea preventative. Additionally, for dogs, we recommend year-round heartworm medication.

If you have any questions about international travel with your pet or the factors we consider when assessing the health of your four-legged friend, reach out! We look forward to helping you maximize your pet’s health, and in turn–further their well-being.