Dog and Cat Care in Bellevue

Kraft Mobile Veterinary Service provides comprehensive veterinary care for dogs and cats in Bellevue, Everette, Renton, Marysville and surrounding areas. Below is a list of the services we offer:

Dog and Cat Care in Bellevue, WA

Preventive Pet Wellness Exams

We recommend that your pet have a comprehensive wellness exam at least once a year to make sure they’re healthy and developing properly. Puppies, kittens, and senior pets should receive more frequent care to accommodate any age-related concerns. During these exams, we can examine your pet from nose-to-tail to determine if there are any health concerns, such as obesity, arthritis, or dental problems, and provide treatment recommendations.

Dog and Cat Vaccinations

Vaccinations are another critical component of the wellness exam, as they help protect against viruses and diseases like rabies, Bordetella, and feline leukemia. Dog and cat vaccination schedules vary by species, breed, age, and lifestyle, but are typically updated on an annual basis for our patients. Having an up-to-date vaccine record is often required during airline travel and boarding as well.

Dog and Cat Teeth Cleaning

During the wellness exam, we evaluate your pet’s teeth and look for signs like brownish tartar buildup along the gum line, bad breath, or swollen gums. If we notice any of these signs, we typically recommend a cat or dog teeth cleaning, which consists of teeth cleaning with an ultrasonic scaler, above and below the gum line; polishing; and tooth extractions if necessary. We can also provide at-home recommendations to keep your pet’s teeth and gums healthy between appointments.

Spay and Neuter for Dogs and Cats

If you have a puppy or kitten, one of the most important things to consider is whether you’ll spay/neuter your furry loved one. Spaying and neutering dogs and cats can result in several health benefits while helping to lower the number of pets in shelters. Spaying can lower the chances of mammary tumors and uterine cancer and neutering can eliminate aggressive behavior, marking, and testicular cancer. During your pet’s first exam, we can discuss spaying/neutering and let you know when would be the best time to schedule the procedure.

Medical Diagnostics for Pets

Some pets may require more than just a standard physical wellness exam. Some may require medical diagnostics, such as digital radiographs. Kraft Mobile Veterinary Service is equipped with a mobile direct digital radiography (DR) system that allows us to take X-rays of your pet in a matter of seconds to examine them internally. These X-ray images can be easily manipulated and shared digitally if necessary. With our digital radiography system, we can detect conditions like fractures and ingestion of foreign bodies. In addition to our X-ray capabilities, we can also do lab analysis through bloodwork, cultures, and urine.

Dog and Cat Surgery

Dr. Kraft performs a number of cat and dog surgeries for his patients, including tumor removal, laceration treatment, minor fracture repairs, selected cases for cruciate repair along with spay and neuters. Many of the fracture repairs we perform are simple procedures that can be performed in one day without hospitalization, allowing your pet to return home the same day with a bandage or cast.

Cat and Dog Euthanasia

When it’s time to say goodbye to your beloved pet, we can perform peaceful in-home cat and dog euthanasia for small animals. Our team will keep your pet as comfortable as possible and will be happy to speak with you about the process, answering any questions you have.

Wellness Exams for Pets in Bellevue, WA

Health Certificates

If you plan to travel internationally with your pet, a completed and signed health certificate is required. Kraft Mobile Veterinary Service can certify your pet’s health status, conduct any necessary tests, and record the results prior to travel. If your pet is found to be healthy, Dr. Kraft can issue you the necessary health certificate. Keep in mind that many countries have their own requirements for travel, so start you research early enough with plenty of time to plan. If you would like more information about international travel with a pet and health certificates, contact us at (425) 482-6345.

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