Avian Vet in Bellevue

Birds can make great pets and companions, but there are many important factors to consider when caring for them. Kraft Mobile Veterinary Service provides preventive wellness, diagnostic, and surgical services for a number of avian species to help your bird live a long, happy life in Bellevue, Everette, Renton, Marysville and surrounding areas. Dr. Kraft can also discuss topics such as health and nutrition, housing, and environment. If you would like to schedule an appointment for your bird, give us a call at (425) 482-6345.

Avian Vet in Bellevue, WA

Bird Health and Nutrition

To keep your bird healthy, we recommend a comprehensive annual exam as well as a nail and wing trim. Your pet’s diet also plays a role in their overall health. Most domesticated avian species require a diet that consists primarily of pellets as well as a small amount of foods that are rich in Vitamin A for additional nutrition. Dr. Kraft can give you food recommendations during your bird’s wellness visit. He can also determine if any changes in diet need to be made.

Bird visiting our avian vet

Avian Housing in The Seattle Area

Birds are made to fly, so it’s important to provide a cage (made of non-toxic material) that is as large as possible to allow them to spread their wings and explore their surroundings. Consider the size of your bird when determining the type of cage to purchase, ensuring that the space between the bars isn’t large enough to allow for escape.

The perch(s) should also be selected according to your bird’s size. Natural wood branches, such as those from Australian pine and citrus trees, work best. Some species of birds fly, jump, and climb more than others and may prefer multiple perches. Make sure not to place the perch where your bird’s dropping may fall into the food or water bowl. It’s best to place the food and water bowls high in the cage.

Line your bird’s cage with newspaper or any other plain paper for the droppings, and replace the paper with fresh sheets on a daily basis. It’s also important to perform a full cage cleaning, weekly and bowls daily to help keep your bird clean and healthy.

Your Bird’s Environment

Many bird species are social and active, so to accommodate these needs, we recommend placing the cage in an area where there is a high level of activity, such as near your family room. Using chewable toys, like soft white pine or natural fiber rope, is another great way to keep your bird active. Foraging toys with food and treats also works well.

In terms of temperature and lighting, keep in mind that most birds need fresh air, direct sunlight, and added humidity for the health of their feathers and skin. Avoid drafty areas and dramatic changes in temperature. Gently spraying your bird on a daily basis with a water bottle is usually sufficient enough to replicate a humid climate.